Hobie's Heroes


25th Anniversary Edition

A Film By Steven Montgomery,
Barbara Wolver, and Tony Cucchiari

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The Award-Winning
Inspirational Documentary

After 25 Years, Hobie's Heroes
Are Back to Inspire a New Generation

Originally produced in 1980, this timeless documentary has been restored for DVD release with bonus features added.

Challenge. Competition.
Loyalty. Faith. Courage.

Hobie's Heroes illuminates these universal themes, as a group of young divers, ages 12-17, strive to improve their skills under the guidance of famed Olympic diving coach Hobie Billingsley. With toughness and humor, Hobie inspires the divers to meet a challenge with every ounce of their determination. As the young athletes attempt difficult dives from three stories above the pool, we empathize with their fears and the pressures they face, and we cheer their triumphs.

Hobie Billingsley was Indiana University's diving coach from 1959 to 1989, during which time he led several generations of divers to National and Olympic championships. Filmmaker Steven Montgomery, a former Junior Olympic diving champion and graduate of Billingsley's diving clinic, interviews Hobie, who speaks movingly about the challenges of coaching and the importance of overcoming feelings of fear and inadequacy, in life as well as diving. As the divers gain the skill and confidence to perform stunningly beautiful dives, they express gratitude, as well as admiration for Hobie. He has enabled them to find courage in the face of a challenge - a capacity they will use the rest of their lives.